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International Conference Science and Technology of Drying 2014

The implementation and development of efficient, environmentally friendly and economically feasible drying technologies constitute an important field of study in the transformation processes of a huge variety of products.

The International Conference in Science and Technology of Drying 2014 aims to present the results of the research advances in this area, the development of new technologies, their challenges and perspectives.

The conference will allow the different stakeholders, such as researchers, producers, engineers and technology sellers, to interact, in order to achieve strengthening of this sector.

Suggested Audience

The International Conference in Science and Technology of Drying is addressed to researchers, students, businesspeople and interested in Drying and its technologies.

Schedule/Call for papers

Deadline for short abstracts 14th july 2014
Acceptance letters 28th July 2014
Deadline for extended abstracts 15th september 2014
Conference 22nd , 23rd and 24th October 2014

Mailing of abstracts confsecado_fibog@unal.edu.co

Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Carrera 45 No 26-85 - Edificio Uriel Gutiérrez

Bogotá D.C. - Colombia