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International Conference Science and Technology of Drying 2014


Overall Objective

To congregate the scientific, productive and industrial communities related to the drying processes, in order to present the research advances, the development of new technologies, their challenges and perspectives.

Specific Objectives

  • To create a space for the divulgation of the drying process current state and of the realization of activities towards the technologic development and innovation in Colombia and worldwide.
  • To divulgate research results.
  • To present national and international experiences of production and commercialization of dehydrated products.
  • To present scientific trends and drying technologies.


The conference comprises:

  • Lectures in English by national and international speakers with a wide background in the discussed field of study, as well as results of investigations conducted by different research groups that work in this area.
  • Short lectures in Spanish about specific topics, especially directed to producers.
  • Presentation of posters regarding scientific and technological developments made by national and international research groups.
  • The topics of the conference are:
    • Modeling and simulation.
    • Physical properties and product quality.
    • Industrial processes and equipment.
    • Assurance of drying quality.
    • Measure and control of processes.
    • Drying of biomass.
    • Drying of foods and agricultural raw materials.
    • Drying of wood, fruit pulp, paper, and forestall products.
    • Energy saving.
    • Innovative technologies.

Universidad Nacional de Colombia

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Bogotá D.C. - Colombia