Facultad de Ingeniería
International Conference Science and Technology of Drying 2014

Call for abstracts

Deadline for submissions is 14th july 2014.

Abstract submission guidelines

  • Title must be written in Times New Roman 14.
  • Authors and affiliation: presenting author must be underlined.
  • Email: Presenting author in Times New Roman 12.
  • The abstract (250 – 350 words) must state briefly the purpose of the investigation, the main results and conclusions. The abstract must be a fully self-contained, capsule description of the paper, thus the references should be avoided. Furthermore, the non-common / non-standardized abbreviations should also be avoided, unless they are essential for the understanding. In such a case they must be defined in the abstract.
  • The abstract must be followed by three (3) to five (5) keywords.

The scientific committee will decide whether a paper shall be presented with a poster or with an oral presentation.

The file in PDF format should be sent to confsecado_fibog@unal.edu.co

Acceptation letters

Every person submitting an abstract will be informed about the decision of the scientific committee by Friday, 28th July, 2014. The accepted contributions will be reported in the conference book of memories. Therefore, the authors of the accepted contributions (whether poster or oral presentation) shall present an extended version (at least 4 pages) until the 15th of September 2014.

Extended version submission guidelines

  • Minimum length: 4 pages
  • Paper size: Letter.
  • Margins: 2,5cm (top, left, bottom and right).
  • All the illustrations must be included as a part of the document.
  • The following template must be used: Template.

Please, send your extended version prior to the 15th of september2014, otherwise we won’t be able to include your paper in the book of memories.

Poster presentation

  • Size: DIN A0
  • Orientation: Portrait

If you want your poster to be included in the book of memories, you must send a *.pdf version (letter size), along with the extended version of the abstract before the 15th of September 2014.

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